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Saeeda Imtiaz - American-Pakistani Actress

Saeeda Imtiaz 
American Pakistani Actress

Saeeda Imtiaz's Latest Interview to "The TImes of India
Priyanka Dasgupta, TNN | Oct 9, 2011, 12.11PM IST

She was born in Dubai and grew up in Long Island. But Saeeda Imtiaz, who is playing Jemima in a movie based on Imran Khan's life titled " Kaptaan", is not too perturbed with Imran's confessions about giving betting tips to his brother-in-law.

Speaking from Lahore, Saeeda says, "No, I was not aware of Khan's comment till I read a link of The Times of India. We are all human beings and have our personal choices. I believe in 'live and let live'. The reason why I am not so shocked is because it's not new to me. Millions
of people around in New York (where I reside) or even in Lahore are involved in betting. I don't find that very odd or something out of the world. I'm not shocked at the news of Imran's involvement in betting. I admire him because he is an honest gentleman."

Ask her how she landed this role in "Kaptaan" and she says, "I liked the script and got to know the team making the movie. They are very determined. They are the kind of people I wanted to work with." Saeeda hasn't met Jemima yet. "I know she exists on Twitter and has stated on the micro-blogging site that she and her kids are very excited about the movie. To be very honest, no one really spoke about my physical similarity with Jemima when I was in the US. It was just before we started shooting that a few people spoke about it. I tried my best to do justice to the character. We had rehearsals and trained for more than six months. We did meditation to hone our acting skills. In fact, it had got a bit irritating when I got homesick. But it was fun. Faisal (our director) and the crew asked me to watch Jemima's interviews online and watch her postures. I had to get her hair colour right. I would watch her talk to pick up her British accent since my accent is American."

Though the rest of the crew has met the cricketer, Saeeda never got an opportunity to meet him. "But for me, most of my crew met Imran Khan. I personally want to see what he has to say about the film," she says.

As for showing the relationship of Imran and Jemima on screen, the actor says, "There are a few intimate scenes. The characters appear as lovebirds and spend time together." Though Saeeda doesn't want to reveal the details now, she admitted that the movie also explores why Imran and Jemima drifted apart.

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/bollywood/news-interviews/I-wasnt-shocked-that-Imran-had-given-betting-tips/articleshow/10287535.cms

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saeeda_Imtiaz


 Saeeda Imtiaz - Girl in Black
 Saeeda Imtiaz in Bridal Look
 Saeeda Imtiaz - The Kaptaan's Girl

 Saeeda Imtiaz in Kaptaan The Movie
 Innocent Girl with Heavy Gun - Saeeda Imtiaz 

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