Friday, 25 February 2011

Shahid Afridi in Towel


Shahid Afridi in Towel

Pakistani captain Shahid Khan Afridi at outside the dressing room wearing towel.
This photo is taken at Sri Lanka during World Cup 2011 matches, when Shahid Afridi came outside from the dressing room and only wearing the towel on his body. It was funny.. It was interesting!

May be Shahid Afridi even don't know about this picture, and he would not know that this picture has been spread like fire in jungle and seen by every of his fan and non-fan.

Shugal Melaa is the first one which gave fame to this "Shahid Afridi in Towel" photo and ranked 1st on the google for term Shahid Afridi in Towel.

Shahid Afridi in Towel
Are U happy now to see Shahid Afridi in Towel ? :p

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